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In A Book of Values: A Personal Guide to Meaning and Happiness, business and interpersonal coach Alan Kovitz begins with the idea that our values are non-negotiable and determine the way we show up in the world. When we live our values, it just feels right. When we live our values, we assign meaning to our life. When we live our values, our happiness manifests. 

Kovitz takes us on an intellectual adventure, challenging us to identify and live our values, while shaking us from the non-value tree from which we dare not jump. Beginning with what's most important to us - our relationships, he has crafted a mantra and a question that follows each of his 52 values, a weekly reminder which he hopes will be your guide to a life of meaning and happiness.

  • ''This book touched me so much! I ended up changing my career path to one of less stress''

    Angela Lewis

    ''What a refreshing departure from the tedium of today’s personal development books and their one-size-fits-all commandments and platitudes. A Book of Values is a must-read for anyone interested in an intellectual yet highly relatable and affirming exercise in self-reflection.''

    Laura Willis, Esq.

    ''This book comes to us at a pivotal time. We have all been through a lot this past year. Many of us need to reevaluate what is important. This book takes your life evaluation to the next level.''

    Rhiannon Williams

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